Complete project management from anywhere
in the world using just your Smartphone!
Private, Client Websites for managing your entire project
are provided at no cost to all of our production clients.
Your own private website for complete Project Management

At the start of our work together, we will give you access to a private, password accessed website.

Your website will allow both you and I complete management of your project, including, but not limited to;

Upload your projects sketches, inspirational photographs and any files.
View, comment and markup high-resolution photographs of your samples.
Approve artwork and all printed material.
Communicate with our staff.
Check the status of your project.
Track shipping of finished items.
Choose and purchase your fabrics.
Manage invoices
Innovative Driven Manufacturing
Connect with us and request detailed information specific to your project.
Call (001) 813.991.1436 USA EST or email:
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