High Quality
All-Inclusive Pricing
Value Packed Pricing
We took the time, up-front, and assembled a common sense, although unique, approach to all aspects of production.

Our methods offer our clients the best value in production and ease of project management, with  proven, exceptional results.

On average, we can get your designs in front of buyers in as little as 3 to 4 weeks!
Innovative Driven Manufacturing
Our 1 Stop Method of Production
adjective: innovative
(of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original. "innovative design method"

(of a person) introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking. "an innovative thinker"

IDM has assembled, customized, and offers a complete suite of pre-production and production  services designed solely as an efficient and inexpensive path to assist our clients before and during production.

A model of efficiency, our method and the services we offer, when combined, dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with essential, pre-production graded patterns and approved samples necessary to get your designs into production.

Although our fees for necessary services are roughly 1/4th the cost when compared to similar providers, you will always receive high quality sample and finished items, comparable to any manufacturer in the world.

All-Inclusive Production, All In-House, All within our Facility
Complete Pre-Production services; Patterning, Grading & Sampling
Printing; On Fabric and Hang Tags
Embroidery, Heat Seal and Embossing
Cloud-Based, Private Website Project Management; Upload your projects sketches,   inspirational photographs and any files. View, comment and markup high-resolution photographs of your samples. Approve artwork and all printed material. Communicate with our staff, check the status of your project, track shipping of finished items, choose your fabrics, manage invoices...etc. All from just your smartphone if you like.

Direct Source of all Fabrics, Accessories & Custom Packaging
We source quite a lot of fabric for our production clients and have for many years. As a result, we have well established relationships with several textile manufacturers. So good, that we have no minimum on any fabrics we source!

All fabrics are of the highest quality and available in any Pantone Coded color you would like, including specialty, trendy and custom digitally printed fabrics of your design.
Connect with us and request detailed information specific to your project.
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