IDM goes far beyond just that of a manufacturer, but as a true, one-stop, innovative, full service, niche manufacturing company.

We’ve been making high-quality, internationally accepted swimwear for 13 years.
US owned and based with all project management taking place on your countries time.
Family managed and operated Asian facility. Ensuring low cost and impeccably high-quality.
We specialize in start-ups and small to medium size production run projects.
We do not outsource any part of your project.
Innovative Driven Manufacturing

We can make your designs from just a sketch, inspirational photograph and your details.
Put your name on any of our designs. We have 100’s of unique designs with perfect fits.
Customize or alter any of our designs, the way you would like it.
Take your project(s) from start to finish. “Concept to Creation”
Small re-stocks when needed (no MOQ).
Embroidery, embossing, patches, whatever you would like.
Realistic and flexible MOQ of just 100 pcs, which can be broken down in to 5 designs.
All work is done in-house, by our staff and only by those who are experts in their specific role.
FAST turnaround! Samples in only 2-3 days! Production in around 3 weeks on average!

ALL QUOTED PRICES INCLUDE (depending on your project)

No surprises, all-inclusive, value packed prices.
Design Study (this assures a perfect fit).
Pre-Production Patterning, Grading and Samples.
Print-on-Fabric required information. We highly recommend having us print your website here as well!
High-Quality elastics, closures, and coordinating thread.
Hang-tags (your name, your design). Standard and upgraded.
Packaging, standard 1pc. per polybag. Very clever, inexpensive upgrades are available.

We offer outstanding working conditions and modern equipment to all of our staff. They are paid well and acknowledged for and rewarded for quality work. Because of this, we have an extensive waiting list and pool of experts in their field wanting to work for us. All come/came from high-end, brand name facilities that close often and relocate seeking even cheaper labor. They often treat their employees harshly and endure constant layoffs. Most of these “corporate owned” businesses are grossly mismanaged.

Before we start working together, we immediately provide you a Confidentiality of Intellectual Property & Privacy of Identity Agreement. We greatly respect our clients’ privacy and the use all measures to protect the intellectual property that came from your creativity.

The following are examples of the many details we employ to that get projects done quickly and efficiently.

We here it on a weekly basis, when a potentially new production client contacts us. Their single most common complaint with their current/ex manufacturer ranged from poor to nearly non-existent communication. This is very stressful, usually costly and completely avoidable. We don't have that problem.

As soon as you decide to work with us, we immediately make available, to you, a Private, Password Accessed, Personal, Project Management website, just for you. You just login and can observe, participate, collaborate, upload files and photos, view hi-resolution samples as if you were holding them, converse, message, comment…basically, manage every aspect of a project from a PC, tablet or even just your Smartphone. IDM provides these private websites at no cost to you.

Every project is slightly different in when it comes to fabric. Some like lighter weight fabrics of 180gsm, some like heavier weights of 210gsm, plus the infinite selection of Pantone Coded colors available to choose from. Although we keep a small stock of Black and White fabrics for sampling purposes, we are not a textile manufacturer.

SOURCING (fabrics and accessories)
Because there are always variables within each project, your fabrics and accessories are billed separately. However, this is actually the proper way to do it. The wrong fabric will annoy your buyer. People say they want cheap prices, they want quality. Quality is what matters, it builds confidence within your buyer base and makes your line successful.

The best part is that through our 13 years of making swimwear, we have established solid relationships with some of the best textile manufacturers to be found. We order quite a lot of fabric and have for some time now. Because of this, we source all of our production clients’ fabrics at manufacturer prices and at no minimum.

They are only the highest-quality fabrics, comparable to the best. Your order will be Pantone Coded colors, so the color you wanted is the color you get. Our sources are fast and accommodating, usually getting the fabrics we need, to our facility, in about a weeks’ time. This is generally when the Pre-Production process has been finalized, so the timing is perfect.

Although we offer a full array of necessary services for our clients to utilize, we are not expensive, the opposite in fact. By making available everything we do, it has just made our jobs within the manufacturing process so much more efficient. It has also enabled our clients to be much more efficient with their time and saves them 1000’s of Dollars by not overpaying for anything and at any stage of the process.

Again, through our 13 years of making and shipping swimwear, we have established key relationships within DHL. They give us incredible rates and to any part of the world. They give us priority to make sure your finished items get shipped right away. They have never lost or damaged a shipment and you will never have to deal with Customs. They clear all shipments once in a specific Countries airspace.  Most orders arrive in 2 - 4 days.

It is enjoyable and stress free to work with us.
We value your time, follow your instructions and respect your deadlines.
No stage of the production process is expensive or slow with us.
We want you to be able to complete your project and be successful with your line.

Our success is solely based on our clients’ success, this is why we do so much. It just made sense, so we have.

You will have questions, comments and concerns, possibly quite a few. I am here to answer all of them and I love what I do, so please feel free to contact me anytime. Email me the best time for you if you would like to talk on the phone.

I look forward to possibly becoming your manufacturer.

Glenn McCoy
Founder & President
IDM Enterprises Inc.
Innovative Driven Manufacturing
+1 813.991.1436